Burg Feistritz
Twin Guesthouses
Old Riding Hall
Burg Feistritz dates back to the middle ages, where it was built as a defensive structure against invasions from the East. Centuries of enlightenment, cultural prosperity and private restoration have transformed Burg Feistritz to the beautiful and inviting castle of the present day. The combination of the historic setting and the abundance of comfortable guestrooms offer an ideal environment for conferences, seminars and cultural events
  • Burg Feistritz and the twin guesthouses offer accommodation for up to 60 persons
  • Dining facilities for up to 60 people
  • 21 double and single rooms, seminar room and dining facilities in the Old Castle
  • 14 double double rooms, seminar room, dining room and kitchens in guesthouses

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Oostenrijk Engels